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Wireless Systems

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Remote Monitoring System with SMS Alarming, Web Interface, ...

3G RTU with analog, digital and Modbus inputs, internal memory - with SMS alarm messaging
3G brand GSM RTU - up to 11ch

Autoclave temperature logger - wireless Tecnosoft P & S ...

Wireless autoclave temperature logger - 100 or 140C and 5bA - Tecnosoft P & S Radio
S & P Radio transmitters with variety of probe types

Wireless monitoring system - Hanwell Synergy - Premium solut...

Wireless data acquisition & alarm system for large sites, multi location with large number points. Hanwell Synergy with 3km range & super flexible Synergy software is the best solution in the market.
Hanwell Synergy hardware group

Blue2 bluetooth thermometer from Cooper Atkins - type K

Blue2 bluetooth thermometer from Cooper Atkins - type K - 92010-K
20100-K Blue2 thermometer with probe fitted

IceSpy Notion Pro wireless monitoring system for larger syst...

Wireless monitoring system for many different inputs - 434Mz long range transmitters with on board storage and flexible software deployment - IMC Notion Pro
Notion Pro system components and PC display

Vaccine fridge monitoring system 3G ~ fully automated cloud...

Vaccine fridge monitoring system 3G ~ fully automated cloud solution one of many offered by ECEFast
3G unit sits on top of fridge with plug pack supply

IceSpy Notion Lite wireless cloud temperature monitoring sys...

Notion Lite wireless "cloud based" temperature monitoring system for up to 30 transmitters in a user-install kit
Notion Lite system photo with kit components

Serial to WiFi converter for Lutron hand held meters LU-RSW9...

Serial [cable to meter] to WiFi converter for Lutron hand held meters LU-RSW923
Lutron RSW-923 WiFi transmitter

Kelsius FoodCheck HACCP management & recording system

Wireless food safety system HACCP- manage food temperatures & sanitation programs on "the cloud" with Kelsius
Kelsius KTAB tablet interface

Web Based Monitoring System - RampX

ECEFast designed system for remote data acquisition, environmental monitoring & alarming.
monitoring system_500_img

Wireless Ethernet Client Adaptor - BC-PC-W

Provides ethernet wireless connectivity for serial devices like RS232, RS422, RS485 or Ethernet devices.

Bluetooth thermometer - 4ch K,J,E,T thermocouple with loggi...

Bluetooth thermometer via BT-01 adaptor - 4channel K,J,E,T thermocouple input with logging CE-521 as a kit
Center 521 bluetooth thermometer
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