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Durable, Smart and Precise

The TrackSense® wireless data loggers are the most advanced validation solution accessible today. With a range of measuring parameters these wireless data loggers are perfect for many applications.

TrackSense® – Wireless Data Logger Series for Various Validation Processes

Ellab offers the highest quality TrackSense Pro wireless data loggers in stainless steel which allows for stable and precise measurements within various thermal validation processes.

This range incorporates both an integrated sensor system, a warning indications system with LED light, a system for ultra-cold applications as well as an interchangeable sensor system for easy adjustment of the parameter and sensor type.

Each logger series is built to cover various application needs, making them suitable for a huge range of validation processes.

The data loggers can be utilised for different measures such as  pressure, temperature, humidity, conductivity, CO2, vacuum and steam penetration.

Data logger with interchangeable sensors

TrackSense® Pro, Pro X, Pro XL, Pro Basic, Pro Basic L

  • Temperature data logger
  • Interchangeable sensor options 
  • A range of parameters on-site
  • Live data option for data accessibility during processes

Small data loggers for internal mounting

TrackSense® Pro Mini and Pro Micro

  • Created for application with limited room
  • Mini & Macro Data Loggers
  • Ideal for measuring inside containers
  • Can measure temperature and pressure

Simple data loggers for internal sensors

TrackSense® Frigo and Pro Compact

  • Available in different sizes and capacities
  • LED alarm indicator
  • Logger with larger battery available
  • Intergrated sensors

Data loggers for Laboratories

TrackSense® Lab

  • Dedicated for measuring temperature and humidity
  • Includes LED light to show warnings and status of logger
  • Perfect for ongoing processes

ValSuite® Validation Software

ValSuite® gathers and displays data validation from the TrackSense® Pro and E-Val™ Pro data logging systems. At the same time, the software can handle up to 160 TrackSense channels or 120 E-Val Pro channels.

Key Features and Benefits

✔  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

  Compatible with Windows 10

  Real time data with the SKY module

  Windows security option

  Multiple reporting options

  ValSuite® app available

Choosing the Right Wireless Data Logger for Your Application(s)

There are many factors to consider when choosing a data logging system. At Ellab, we provide specially made data loggers for validation processes, providing precise measurements and durable design. Sensor interchangeability with loggers, are also part ofour product range, this can be in terms of parameter switching and sensor design, as we offer internal, rigid and flexible sensors.

To find out the perfect wireless data logger, there are questions that need to be considered, such as:

  • What type of application do you work with?
  • What does the environment look like – any difficult to reach areas?
  • How many measuring points are required?
  • What is the maximum and minimum temperature of the application?
  • Which parameter(s) need to be measured?
  • Is there a need for multi-channel wireless data loggers?
  • Is a data logger with a flexible sensor required?
  • What should the frequency of readings be?
  • Is real-time data required?

Choosing an Interchangeable Sensor System for Your Data Logger

When choosing your data loggers, it is essential to look into an interchangeable sensor option. The TrackSense® Pro loggers with interchangeable sensors allows you to expand the flexibility of your measuring equipment, by adding the number of sensor and parameter choices available per logger.

These loggers can have the sensors removes safely and replaced by another sensor to access difficult-to-reach areas or measure different parameters. This in turn decreases the down time of processes when sensors require calibration, allows changes on-site and grants access to real time data communication via a SKY module, which can be connected between the logger and interchangeable sensor.

    Why Use Wireless Data Loggers?

    Wireless data loggers are electronic devices for controlling and monitoring thermal validation processes in industries that require process control and regulatory compliance particularly in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. The wireless data loggers ensures that the right parametric conditions are met throughout the stages in the manufacturing process, which is important for both product quality and consumer safety. The purpose of wireless data loggers can vary with the industry and application, where they are used to manage and approve products and processes through monitoring and validation procedures. This is completed by measuring various parameters such as, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, conductivity, vacuum, Co2 and steam penetration.

    Complying with regulations

    The use of wireless data loggers includes safety and quality in various applications, which is paramount for industries to comply with regulations set by authorities such as the FDA, ISO9001, GAMP, etc. These regulations that need proper documentation is provided, which can be obtained through a compatible and validated software, where the data is utilised to produce compliance reports.

    Advantages of Using Wireless Data Loggers

    Wireless data loggers are easy to operate and durable as they are created to withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain accuracy. They come in various shapes and sizes. The smaller versions are often used for internal mounting in product containers, such as pouches or container. Flexible sensor(s), made of PTFE or stainless steel, are often used in difficult to reach areas, keeping the whole process area under tight control. Data Loggers incorporating flexible sensors are a great advantage in these context.

    Advantages for the food industry

    For the food industry, data logging assists in bacterial growth reduction, through well monitored and highly controlled heating and cooling process, therefore, preventing any possible food poisoning. Wireless Data loggers also assist to prevent over-cooking products, making sure that the products maintain its quality, by limiting the loss of vitamins and minerals.

    Advantages for the pharmaceutical industry

    Data logging in the pharmaceutical industry provides highly controlled production processes and storage environments to ensure the quality and viability of the products are maintained. Additionally, data logger improves efficiency and optimizes processes to save production costs and energy whilst limiting machinery or batch failures,

    Advantages for the medical industry and hospitals

    For the medical industry and hospitals, the use of wireless data loggers are to validate the disinfection and cleaning of instruments to prevent any potential bacterial infections.

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