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Thermocouple Connectors & Accessories

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Single Panel Jacks - Marlin

Single circuit mini and full size panel mount thermocouple sockets.
Full size style MA-1031

Thermocouple Strip Panels - Full Size Marlin 1032

Full size multi circuit panel mounts-all thermocouple types to 12 circuits in one strip
Round pin full size strip panels

2 Pole Thermocouple Connectors - Marlin 1010, 1060

Full size round pin for all thermocouple types.
Standard Plug MA-1060-K

Mounting Hardware for Marlin Connectors

Hardware for Marlin thermocouple connector system
Full size tube adaptor & cable clamp

Miniature Strip Panels 2-8 circuits- Marlin 1237 Series

Frames are designed to mount 1210 miniature jacks.

Mini plugs & jacks - Marlin 1260 Series

Thermocouple connectors mini - flat pin two pole standard type from Marlin
Mini 2 pole flat pin MA-1260-K

3 Pin Connectors - Marlin flat pin and round pin

Full range for thermocouples & RTDs, full & mini sizes available.
Full size round pin plug & jack CU

High Temperature Connectors - Marlin

Thermocouple Connectors to 540°C intermittent or 425°C continuously.
MA-H-1060-H high temp plug

Compression Fittings & Mini Flanges - Temperature sensor...

For Standard 6mm temperature sensors - others on request
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