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Thermocouple Cable

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PVC Insulated Thermocouple Cable - Screened

Thermocouple extension wire PVC insulated, twisted to form pairs, aluminium/mylar tape screen with drain wire, PVC outer sheath.

Multi Pair Thermocouple Cables (standard & armoured) fro...

Multi pair thermocouple cables, overall, individual and overall screened and armoured

Multi Pair Instrument Control Cable - Dekoron Style & Sp...

Multipair instrument cable in HT PVC and Teflon in pairs and triads

Fibreglass insulated thermocouple wires

Fibreglass insulated thermocouple wires - common types
TW Fibreglass Duplex

PVC Insulated thermocouple wires - unscreened

PVC Insulated thermocouple wires - unscreened as PVC/PVC or Fig 8 styles
PVC on PVC extension wire

Teflon Insulated thermocouple wires & cables TX/TX

Teflon Insulated thermocouple wires single pairs, screened and multipair
extruded teflon TX/TX pairs

Type J (SPECIAL PRICE) high temp. glass - Monel overbraid TW...

Type J duplex 20G with high temperature glass /glass and Monel woven overbraid rated to 700C - special price - large quantity available
Picture showing metal braided covering
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