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Systems Solution

The Systems Business Unit within ECEFast specialises in the design, software integration, build, installation and commissioning of complex products and data acquisitions services we have available in our product line. These products include many wireless data network products, digital data converters, and sensors that enable us to develop solutions almost entirely with our own products.

Our own RampX software product will interface with I/O modules, Paperless recorders, Controllers, Wireless receivers, weather stations, and even devices with proprietary serial communications. It then provides map based search, graphical visualisation, and data export and archiving. It can generate special reports and alarms by SMS or email in addition to physical alarms. The program resides on a server and the user interface is a web browser, so it is compatible with Smart Phone and tablet interfaces.  We have many long term systems installed, and each one adds to the standard functionality of the package. See more data HERE

In addition we now have other cloud based data solutions for specific applications

HANWELL systems for wireless data acquisition for Life Science solutions to CFR21 Part 11

KELSIUS systems for Food Safety HACCP plan automation


SQUARE ONE  wireless networks for outdoors, wide area control and data systems with solar power and seamless integration with control systems

EUROTHERM systems for complex specialised control in metallurgy or data control in Pharmaceutical


Our Systems Engineers are responsible for finding solutions for more complex tasks and implementing them for the client through to completion. They will:

  • Consult with the client to determine their requirements,
  • Source a solution from our extensive range of systems products,
  • Configure, customise and design software to meet user requirements,
  • Install equipment, commission and provide all necessary training


It is misleading to consider our main projects as defining our scope of ability. ECEFast has completed some exceptionally diverse projects such as:-

Autoclave cycle verification

Weighbridge printer system

Diesel Engine Monitor

Spray Booth Control

Remote GSM data acquisition for HVAC

And many more 

Our largest projects have been in Data Acquisition in medical research facilities where we have many excellent references, and Warehouse, Food Preparation, and process  environmental monitoring and alarm systems.

Contact our Systems Group for a consultation on your next project.

Keywords to describe what we offer to the customer:

  • Automation
  • Process automation
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Process improvement
  • Reduce costs and labour expenses
  • Streamline processes
  • Flexible/adaptable solutions
  • Configurable/customisable
  • Complex configuration/customization
  • Experienced systems engineers
  • Provide consultative service to determine the best system for your needs
  • Turn-key / pre engineered solutions
  • Complete service, from design through to installation and personnel training
  • Complete systems solutions
  • Instrument and systems integration

Keywords to describe the products the systems groups works with:

  • Eurotherm controllers and recorders
  • Human machine interfaces (HMI)
  • RampX – in-house designed software for data acquisition and management (original
  • Wireless monitoring solutions (short range systems through to mobile-network/long range systems) using 3G, radio frequency or Wi-Fi technologies 

Keywords for solutions to specific industries:



Construction Material

  • Remote temperature match curing for concrete samples; ensures samples within the concrete testing laboratory match the internal temperature of the concrete pour curing on-site. 
  • Moisture control for plasterboard manufacture
  • Cement and Lime kiln shell monitoring
  • Timber drying

Food Manufacturing

  • Monitoring of cooking processes
  • Environmental monitoring of storage and work areas
  • Weather Stations for odour control
  • Level measurement
  • Temperature in mixers

Food Safety

  • Remote monitoring of fridges, freezers and cool rooms including alarming functions. Guarantee to ensure food is stored at safe temperatures for sale and consumption, and way to avoid loss of stock due to power failures or human error in managing food storage.
  • On line tablet based systems that facilitate HACCP plans and enable business to fulfil their food safety obligations with minimal additional cost.  WIRELESS systems and CLOUD self install systems


  • Infrared line-scanners and software - implemented to ensure glass is formed and cooled at consistent temperatures throughout the sheet.


  • Temperature RH and CO2 data systems
  • Remote monitoring with 3G
  • Wireless networks for museums and archives

Life Sciences

  • Wired systems for CFR21 Part 11
  • Wireless systems for CFR21 Part 11
  • Control systems
  • Vaccine and Blood storage and transport


  • Diesel engine monitoring
  • Temperature corrected fuel volume delivery system
  • Tide compensation for dredge boom control


  • Infra red temperature measurement
  • Heat treatment process control
  • Vacuum furnace control


  • Ground water monitoring – flow measurement
  • Wide area wireless data systems
  • Bearing monitors & gear teeth lubrication – thermal imaging
  • BUSBAR and power component temperature monitoring
  • Moisture analysis -  water in oil condition monitoring

Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline testing and monitoring
  • High pressure gas dew point IECEx
  • LNG gas level measurement
  • Deep bore water level/pressure
  • Remote tank  level monitoring

Paper & Wood

  •   Lime kiln shell thermal imaging and monitoring systems
  •   Level measurement in difficult materials 
  •   Laminating and coating line monitoring
  •   Infra red temperature in printing


  • Thermoforming heat array control
  • Extrusion, coating and laminating infra red system
  • Tension control system
  • Extrusion pressure and temperature  control system

Power & Energy

  • Wireless RF power data system
  • Infra red monitoring of critical components
  • Remote data systems
  • Power quality measurement


  • Transport temperature monitoring
  • Vehicle testing

Water & Waste Water

  • TTFM flow measurement
  • Frost detection and alarm system
  • Soil moisture and flow control
  • Liquid level measurement – streams, tanks and bores
  • Radar and ultrasonic remote 3G - weather stations