Chlorine meter portable for Free and Total Chlorine LU-CL-2006

Free chlorine and total chlorine measurements in ten seconds using the Lutron CL-2006 portable analyser. Suitable for public water supply, as well as swimming pools and food and beverage processing applications. The meter uses an optical measurement system with narrow band LED light source, and it comes with calibration standards for 1ppm of free, and total chlorine. The meter is battery powered, and splashproof on the front panel for normal use

  • Range 0-3.50ppm (mg/l)
  • Resolution 0.01ppm
  • Sample volume 10ml
  • Uses adaption of USEPA Method 330.5 and standard method 4500-CI G
    (the reaction between chlorine and DPD reagent causes a pink tint in the sample)
  • Kit contains 10 sets each of reagent DPD powder and 3 standard solutions 0ppm and 1ppm free and total

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CL-2006.pdf Chlorine analyser 0-3.5mg/l data sheet 137 KB Download File

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