NATA certification for infrared temperature

FastLab is the NATA accreditated calibration laboratory of ECEFast. We have achieved accreditation for radiation pyrometers of most types from 0 to 1200C according to the SCOPE attached. If your quality system requires NATA certificates, then we can help you. As a major supplier of all types of IR temperature devices ECEFast can understand the applications and the certification requirements you seek.

  • Certification of most hand held thermometers, and thermal imaging cameras
  • Certification of fixed IR transmitters and sensors to 1200C
  • Uncertainties from 1.5C on lowest ranges to 3.5C on highest ranges
  • Calibration settings on Raytek Marathon systems including two color ratio types
  • Certified according to ISO 17025

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FastLab_Scope_2014_1.pdf Current Scope of accreditation of FASTLab 140 KB Download File
Calibration Request Form v7 NATA calibration request form with contact details and process 92 KB Download File
ECEFast-NATA Lab-Brochure-EMAIL2019 ECEFast FastLab brochure 2019 831 KB Download File