Thermal imaging process control system – Fluke Process Instruments TV40

Fluke Process Instruments (Raytek) has released an all new thermal camera ~ Thermoview TV40, for industrial process applications. It has a standard measured temperature range to 1200C and environmental rating – IP67. The sensor has an internal motorised focus lens so in many applications it can be used without an added housing ( including outdoors. The real strength of the TV40 is its associated software that can apply the temperature measurement to almost any control system using powerful functions and a standard IO system on Ethernet or GigE network. A range of lenses is available from wide angle to telephoto and with 640×480 sensor pixels, it is possible to capture data from any source, at up to 60Hz, although the license free 9Hz version will manage most processes.

  • Temperature range -10 to 1200C
  • Data 320×240, or 640×480, at 9Hz or 60Hz – in different models
  • Sighting – IR fusion technology for added detail through blended images
  • Remote motorised focus
  • Multiple field interchangeable lenses
  • GigE vision interface
  • LAN/Ethernet with PoE for ethernet, web server or Thermoview software connection
  • Air purge, housings and other application accessories
  • 12-36VDC  dimensions 83x83x158mm

Thermal imaging process applications are complex. Please talk to us to ensure your application is suited to the TV40 series cameras.


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ThermoviewTV40brochure_W-1.pdf Thermoview TV40 brochure for product introduction and features 493 KB Download File
ThermoviewTV40datasheet_W-1.pdf Thermoview TV40 data sheet for product specifications 778 KB Download File
Thermovir_ewTV40userinstrW-1.pdf Thermoview TV40 user instructions - manual 2655 KB Download File
TV40softwaremanual_W-1.pdf Thermoview TV40 software manual 3024 KB Download File