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Solid State Relays

  • Zero voltage turn-on, zero current turn-off
  • Internal RC snubber
  • Input / output optical isolation 600V
  • 3-32 V DC trigger voltage or 90-280V AC according to model
  • Trigger current draw for DC 10-20mA depending on voltage, 2-5mA for AC
  • Turn on voltage 3VDC or 90 VAC
  • Turn off voltage 1 VDC or 10 VAC
  • Heatsinks(optional)

Product Overview:

Solid state relays make it possible to achieve a very smooth power flow to the load. Switching cycles as low as 1 second are normal using these devices. When mounted correctly with heat transfer paste on a correctly sized heat sink, they will switch reliably for many years. Please seek advice if using close to maximum current rating.

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