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Marlin Mini 2-Pole plugs and jacks for thermocouples

MA-1210, MA-1260

Miniature thermocouple plugs and jacks provide dependable, quick connections and easy installation of fine thermocouple wire and metal-sheath thermocouples. Mini connectors are moulded from glass filled, high strength, thermoset compounds that will not melt. Mini-The colour coded connectors will withstand ambient temperatures to 205°C continuous and 260°C intermittent. Thermocouple Types: K,J,T,N,R,CU


⦁ ANSI calibration symbol and polarity symbol are moulded on connector face.
⦁ Accepts wire from 0.001″ diameter to 24 gauge.
⦁ Polarized pins make it virtually impossible to mismate. Large double wipe jack inserts assure tight grip and low signal loss.
⦁ Due to exclusive isolated screw design, contact is all thermocouple alloy from wire entrance to wire exit.
⦁ Exclusive wire “clamp” screw connection for fast and secure assembly
⦁ Hi-Temp Mini connectors are available coloured red and can be used to 425°C continuous and 540°C intermittent.
⦁ Matching hardware such as cable clamps listed separately.

Data Sheets

MA-1210, MA-1260_Data_Sheet