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Lutron VT8204 Vibration meter, Tachometer – Photo / Contact


The VT-8204 datalogging vibration meter / tachometer (contact / non-contact) combo is a flexible instrument for measurement of vibration parameters and RPM for condition monitoring of rotating machinery and bearings. Combining the functions of RPM, as well as vibration, the VT-8204 is a versatile and economical solution for maintenance applications.

  • Measures acceleration, velocity, and displacement.
  • Independent laser optical and contact tachometer
  • Acceleration to 200 m/sec2, velocity 200mm/sec displacement p-p 2mm
  • Optical tachometer 10-100,000rpm and contact probe 0.5-20000rpm
  • Wide measuring ranges from 0.5 to 100,000 RPM, 0.1 RPM resolution for the measured value < 1000 RPM.
  • Data logging 1000 points with USB interface and PC Software – not included.
  • Accuracy +/-5% on vibration readings +/-0.05% on rpm


Vibration Function

  • Acceleration range: 200 m/s^2.
  • Velocity range: 200 mm/s.
  • Displacement (p-p) range: 2 mm.
  • RMS measurement for Acceleration and Velocity.
  • Peak to peak measurement for Displacement.
  • Peak function for Acceleration and Velocity.
  • Frequency range 10 Hz - 1 kHz, sensitivity relative meet ISO 2954.
  • Data logger function with flexible sampling time selection, can save max. 1000-point data.
  • Data hold button to freeze the desired reading.
  • Memory function to record maximum and minimum reading of RMS value or Displacement.
  • Auto shut off saves battery life.

Tachometer Function

  • Laser light detecting source, long measuring range up to 1.5 meters, it is useful in the RPM measurement application where the machine would be a risk to the operator or close access is difficult or not possible.
  • Wide measuring ranges from 0.5 to 100,000 RPM, 0.1 RPM resolution for the measured value < 1000 RPM.
  • Microprocessor based circuit, crystal time base, high precision with 0.05% accuracy.
  • Memory with recall function, the last value, max., value, min. value will be stored into the memory automatically.

Accessories Included:

  • Instruction manual
  • Vibration sensor
  • Magnetic base
  • Reflecting tape marks (600 mm)
  • RPM Cone rubber
  • RPM Funnel rubber
  • Carrying case

Optional accessories:

  • Data Acquisition Software, SW-U801-WIN
  • Data Logger software, SW-DL2005
  • USB cable, USB-01
  • IR Temp. probe, IR-962

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