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Lutron PPH2108 Panel mount pH controller


The Lutron PPH-2108 is a professional pH and temperature monitor and controller with a large red LED display and three alarm settings. It can measure pH and temperature, making it suitable for various applications, including wastewater and water treatment systems. Users have the option to select pH and temperature probes. This device can function as a process display, control dosing operations, and provide alarms for out-of-range conditions.

  • Range: 0-14 pH with 0.01 resolution
  • Automatic temperature compensation with optional TP07A probe
  • Relay Outputs: Control Relay Output, Alarm Relay Output
  • Power Supply: 90-264 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • DIN Size: 96mm x 48mm, panel mount
  • Hysteresis value setting for high and low alarm.
  • Optional pH electrode, Temperature probe (ATC probe), data acquisition software.
  • Sampling Time: Approx 1 second

Product Overview:


  • pH calibration is easily to be done by push button on the front panel.
  • Build in pH control relay and the Temp. control relay.
  • Relay will be making action (On/Off) when the reading value reach high limit or low limit value.
  • Relay outputs: Relay 1: pH control relay. Relay 2: Temperature control relay
  • Max load 0.5 ACA/250 ACV, 0.5 DCA/24 DCV
  • Setting Value: 1. High limit value setting. 2. Low limit value setting. 3. Hysteresis value setting. 4. Temp. Offset value setting. * 1, 2, 3 Setting for pH and Temp. function.
  • Operating Temperature/Humidity: 0 to 50 ℃. / Less than 80% R.H.(Meter)

Optional Accessories:

  • Industrial in line pH electrode, PE-21
  • General purpose PH electrode, PE-03
  • pH 7 buffer solution, PH-07, PH-07A
  • pH 4 buffer solution, PH-04, PH-04A
  • probe (ATC probe), TP-07A
  • Data Acquisition software, SW-U801-WIN
  • USB cable, USB-01

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Lutron PPH2108 Panel mount pH controller