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Lutron Force Gauge, 5000g, SD Card Logger


The Lutron force gauge allows force measurement for quality control such as operating force, spring tension, glue strength, as well as sample hardness such as pills & fruit ripeness. Use of the test stand enables high levels of repeatability in standard test procedures such as tensile strength. A variety of screw on tips is included for common measurements, with other optional special tips for specific purpose.

  • Measure Capacity: Range up to 5 kg
  • Resolution: 1 g/0.02 oz/0.01 Newton.
  • Accuracy: ± (0.4 + 1 digit)
  • Overload capacity: Max7 kg
  • Peak hold function, zero function.
  • Professional test stand (optional).
  • USB interface, Data Logging onto SD card (* .XLS format)

Product Overview:


  • Function: Tension & Compression (Push & Pull). Normal force, Peak hold (Max. load)
  • Memory capacity of normal record mode: 1 GB to 16 GB
  • Memory capacity of peak hold record mode: 1000 data no. (max)
  • Display units: g, oz, Newton
  • Display: 3 g/0.10 oz/0.03 Newton
  • Data record mode: Auto data logger sampling time 1Sec to 9 hours, Manual Data logger sampling time 1 to 99 position
  • Power Supply: AA DC 1.5 V battery 6 PCs, ADC 9V adapter (optional)

Accessories Included:

Operating manual, Flat-head adapter, Hook adapter, Cone head adapter, Chisel head adapter, 120 mm extension rod, Carrying case

Optional Accessories:

  • SD memory card 16GB
  • Test stand, Model: FS-1001
  • USB cable, Model: USB-01
  • Software for data logging & data recorder. Model: SW-U801-WIN


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