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Lutron DM9960 Auto range Multimeter, CAT III 1000V


Lutron DM-9960 is an auto range digital multimeter that measures voltage (AC/DC) up to 1000V, current (AC/DC) up to 10A, resistance up to 40MΩ, frequency 40MHz, capacitance 40mF, temperature -20°C – 750°C.

  • LCD display with 4000 counts with bar graph.
  • Min, Max, Data hold, Peak value, Relative.
  • Diode test, continuity test.
  • Automatic and manual ranging, relative measurements.
  • RS232 port – connect to PC (with UPCB-06 cable).
  • Meet IEC 1010 CAT III 1000 V
  • Built-in overload protection for most ranges.


Product Overview:


Voltage AC/DC: 400 mV/0,1 mV; 4 V/1 mV; 40 V/10 mV;400 V/100 mV; 1000 V/1V
Current AC/DC: 400 µA/0,1 µA; 4000 µA/1 µA; 40 mA/0,01 mA;400 mA/0,1 mA; 10 A/10 mA
Resistance: 400 Ω/0,1 Ω; 4 kΩ/1 Ω; 40 kΩ/10 Ω; 400 kΩ/100 Ω;4 MΩ/1 kΩ; 40 MΩ/10 kΩ
Capacitance: 4 nF/1 pF; 40 nF/10 pF; 400 nF/0,1 nF; 4 µF/1 nF;40 µF/10 nF; 400 µF/0,1 µF; 4 mF/1 µF; 40 mF/10 µF
frequency: 4 kHz/1 Hz; 40 kHz/10 Hz; 400 kHz/1 kHz; 4 MHz/0,01 MHz; 40 MHz/0,1 MHz
Temperature: -20 - 750 °C/1 °C

Accessories Included:

  • Red and Black Test Leads X1 PC.
  • 5 Amp Spare Fuse.
  • Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories:

Full line adapters:
ACA/DCA current adapter, Humidity adapter, Pressure adapter, Light adapter, EMF adapter,
Sound level adapter, High voltage probe.

Data Sheets