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Lutron CL 2006 Chlorine Meter


Lutron CL-2006 Chlorine Meter is used to measure the Free chlorine and total chlorine in ten seconds. Suitable for public water supply, as well as swimming pools and food and beverage processing applications. It has a unique optic structure, by which it reads with high resolution. The meter is battery powered, and splashproof on the front panel for normal use.

  • Measurement: Free chlorine (CL), Total chlorine (CL) Range: 0-3.50ppm (mg/l)
  • Resolution 0.01ppm
  • Sample volume 10ml
  • Measuring Method: adaption of USEPA Method 330.5 for wastewater and standard method 4500-CI G for drinking water.
  • Splash waterproof on the front panel.
  • Records Maximum and Minimum reading with Recall.
  • Kit contains DPD powder and standard solutions 0ppm and 1ppm free and total.

Product Overview:


  • The meter measures the Free and Total chlorine (CL) in the 0.00 to 3.50 ppm (mg/L).
  • Display Sampling time: Approx. 1second
  • Heavy duty & compact housing with hard carrying case, designed for easy carry out & operation.
  • Operating Temperature :0 to 50 ℃.
  • Calibration points: Zero Chlorine. 1.00 ppm (Free chlorine). 1.00 ppm (Total chlorine).
  • Display: LCD size : 41 mm x 34 mm

Accessories Included:

  • Hard carrying case CA-07A
  • Instruction manual
  • 0 ppm Free Chlorine standard solution, CF-01
  • 0 ppm Total Chlorine standard solution, CT-01
  • Zero Chlorine standard solution, CL-01
  • Empty testing bottle
  • Clean cloth
  • Free Chlorine DPD powder
  • Total Chlorine DPD powder

Optional accessories:

  • Free Chlorine DPD powder (10 PCs), Model: CFP-10
  • Total Chlorine DPD powder (10 PCs), Model: CTP-10
  • Empty testing bottle, Model: 0601
  • ppm Free Chlorine standard solution, Model: CF-01
  • ppm Total Chlorine standard solution, Model: CT-01
  • Zero Chlorine standard solution, Model: CL-01

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