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Lutron 3 phase power analyser with Harmonic measurements


Lutron DW6095 is a 3 Phase power analyser with harmonic measurement. It provides the most functionality of all the simple power analysers with up to 35 parameters to 600VAC and 1,200A or 3,000A with optional flexible current probes. Using the DW-6095 you can determine the peak power requirements, detect power factor problems, balance phases, and identify supply faults such as wave form distortion, harmonics, breaks and surges.

  • Analysis for 3 phase multi-power system, 1P/2W, 1P/3W, 3P/3W, 3P/4W.
  • AC parameters, Power Factor, Phase, Frequency, Active, Apparent Power, Reactive Power / Peak Value and Crest Factor of AC voltage and current.
  • Voltage Ranges: 10 ACV to 600 ACV, auto range.
  • Current probe Input Selection Ranges: (ACV) 200mV / 300mV / 500mV / 1V / 2V / 3V. / (ACA) 20A / 200A / 2000A / 30A / 300A / 3000A.
  • Display: Dot Matrix LCD with back light
  • Display waveform, harmonics, total harmonic distortion (THD), Graphic phase diagram
  • Safety Standard IEC 1010 CAT III 600V
  • Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card.
  • Transients recorded such as dip, swell and outage with programmable threshold (no saved waveform).
  • Optional PC software available

Product Overview:


  • Measurement: / V (phase-to-phase), V (phase-to-ground), A (phase-to-ground) / KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (phase), KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (system) / KWH / KVAH / KVARH / PFH (system), Phase angle, Harmonics display (1-50th order).
  • 3 phase Voltage or Current Unbalanced Ratio (VUR, AUR) and Unbalanced Factor.
  • Calculated Unbalanced Current through Neutral Line (An).
  • Programmable CT ratio (1 to 600) and PT ratio (1 to 1000).
  • ACV input impedance is 10 MΩ.
  • Safety Standard: IEC 1010, CAT III 600V.
  • Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card, sampling time set from 2 to 7200 seconds. Just slot in the SD card into the computer, it can download the all the measured value with the time information (year, month, data, hour, minute, second) to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data analysis by themselves.
  • Powered: AA 1.5 V X 8 batteries or DC 9V adapter.

Accessories Included:

  • Instruction manual
  • Test Leads (TL88-4AT)1 Set (4 PCs)
  • Alligator clips (TL88-4AC) 1 Set (4 PCs)
  • Clamp Probe (CP-1201) X 3 PCs
  • AC to DC 9V adapter
  • SD card (2 G)
  • Carrying bag

Optional Accessories:

  • 2000 Amp current probe, CP-2000
  • 200Amp current probe, CP-200
  • Flexible 3000 Amp current probe, CP-3000
  • USB Cable, USB-01
  • Data Acquisition software, SW-U811

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