Software Systems for Raytek MP150 Line Scanner

Raytek produces software packages for specific machine control applications. These packages are easy to use and configure and they offer functionality for narrow groups of applications. TF150 for Thermoforming Monitors the thermal patterns after sheet heating and before forming. Allows alrm if patterns are incorrect, visualisation for manual adjustment of heater elements and the possibility of closed loop feedback control of the heaters. TIP450 for Gyprock Wallboard Manufacturing Allowing continuous monitoring of moisture content of boards on exit from the drying oven. Gives consistent product quality, and allows energy saving through fine adjustments to the multiple decks of the oven – resulting in even heat distribution within each deck and across all decks. EC150 and ES150 For continuous web processes such as converting, calendering gluing and laminating, fibreglass and rockwool batts, extrusion and steel


  • Windows based programs with familial commands and appearance
  • OPC server for data export and interface with other computer systems
  • I/O modules for inputs and control outputs to integrate the software into the machine control system
  • Complete packages suiting retrofitting to existing machines in most cases
  • Plug and play cabling for minimal problems during commissioning
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2009713224653955.pdf Raytek TIP450 software and hardware for Gyprock Pl 838 KB Download File
200971322454764.pdf Raytek TF100 for plastic thermoforming machines 1911 KB Download File
200971322434296.pdf Raytek EC150 Software and hardware for continuous 1831 KB Download File
200811423563716.pdf MP150 Data Sheet 168 KB Download File