SpotScan line scanning accessory for single point pyrometers

Fluke Process Instruments has released an innovative new product which allows single point IR thermometers to scanning devices with adjustable frequency and amplitude in the scan path. This device is known as SpotScan and it has fittings for the new Endurance series of high temperature thermometers, but also the MM, and MR series.  SSA suits short wavelength measurements and SSB the mediuem and longer wavelength 5, 7 and 8-14 microns.

The signal processing is done in the associated instrument and comprises peak hold and averaging on the scan line.

  • Set up using laser or visual sighting systems
  • Manual adjustment of frequency  1 – 10Hz,  and amplitude 2-15 degrees
  • Powered from the associated instruments power supply 24VDC 500mA
  • Air purge option available
  • IP65 housing
Spotscan_Data_Sheet.pdf Spotscan data sheet from Raytek 469 KB Download File



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