Dew point measurement in compressed air dryers – OEM EE-354 & EE-355

Reliable dew point monitoring plays an important role in avoiding unnecessary costs from compressed air systems with a refrigeration dryer. It allows, for example, the reduction of service intervals and improved planning of new investments.

The EE354 dew point meter from E+E Elektronik has been developed specifically for monitoring the dew point of refrigeration dryers. The high measurement accuracy of ±1 °C (±1.8 °F) in the range of -3…20 °C Td (26.6…68 °F Td) and excellent long-term stability of the dew point sensor make the EE354 the ideal meter for OEM manufacturers of refrigeration dryers. The new EE-355 extends the range of the OEM dew point transmitters to -60C dew point.

Due to their very small and compact design, the EE35X series can be easily installed even in tight, confined spaces.The extremely rugged stainless steel housing, a ½” ISO or NPT thread and the M12x1 connector for electrical connection facilitate quick and easy integration into the measuring task.


Key features

  • Measurement range -20…50 °C Td EE-354 and -60+60C Td for EE-355
  • Measurement accuracy ±1 °C (±1.8 °F)  at -3…20 °C Td  +/-2C  for EE-355
  • Analogue output 4…20 mA
  • MODBUS RTU digital interface
  • Pressure-tight up to 20 bar (290 psi)
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Datasheet_EE354.pdf EE-354 Dew point transmitter -20C Td for air dryers - datasheet 447 KB Download File
Datasheet_EE355.pdf EE-355 Dew point transmitter -60C Td for compressed air - datasheet 504 KB Download File
BA_ee354.pdf Operating instructions Dew point transmitter EE-354 470 KB Download File
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