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Humidity and Temperature Probe with Analogue Output

EE060 /EE061

The EE060 and EE061 are compact humidity and temperature probes with excellent price/performance ratio, optimized for OEM applications.

  • Measuring range : 0…100% RH , -40…60 °C
  • Output humidity :0-1/5/10 V or 4-20 mA
  • Output temperature : 0-1/5/10 V and passive T output
  • Supply : EE060: 3.6-30 V DC
    EE061: 9-28 V DC
  • EE060 features voltage outputs (0-1/5/10 V) for humidity and temperature, as well as optional passive T output.

    EE061 has 4-20 mA output for humidity and a passive T output.

    With encapsulated measurement electronics inside the sensing probe and E+E proprietary coating protection of the sensors, the EE060 and EE061 probes offer outstanding long term stability and reliability even in heavily polluted applications. With an optional radiation shield the probes can be also employed outdoors.

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