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Gefran LT67 Rectilinear Displacement Transducer with Shaft-IP67

  • 50 to 1000 mm Useful Electric Stroke
  • Independent linearity up to ± 0.05%
  • IP67
  • Resistance 5 -10 kΩ


  • This transducer is designed to guarantee a high protection level (IP67) in applications under harsh conditions and outdoors, where it may be necessary to work in the direct presence of dust, dirt, or liquids (not in prolonged immersion)
  • The grooves on the profile provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets.
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses with installation at points that are highly exposed to lubricants.
  • Also indicated for processing machines on which the transducer cannot be protected by guards.

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