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Gefran Indicator/Alarm Unit 48×96


Gefran 40 series indicators – 48×96 Unversal Input Microprocessor based indicator. Standard T/C, RTD or linear inputs.
Power supply 100-240V AC 11-27V AC DC
Versions with up to 4 alarms
Versions with analog re-transmit 4-20mA/V
32 Segment Custom linearisation

Gefran 40T96 Microprocessor based indicator in both 48x96 (1/8 DIN) format manufactured with SMT.

The instrument have a lexan membrane faceplate (guaranteed to IP65) which has 3 keys, a 3 / 4 digit display format, and 3 indicating LED's for the output statuses.

The input signal can be selected from a wide range of sensors:

  • Thermocouples of type J, K, R, S, T, B, E, N, L GOST, U, G, D, C
  • Resistance thermometers Pt100, Pt100J (japanese standard) 2 / 3 wire
  • PTC and NTC themistors
  • Linear inputs 0 to 60/12 to 60mV, 0 to 20/4 to 20mA, 0 to 10/2 to 10/0 to 5/1 to 5/0 to 1/0, 2 to1V

The selection is made using the faceplate keys.

The instrument is available in version base, with two outputs to relé (2R), and expandible version.

The instruments have a maximum of 4 outputs that can be mechanical relays (5A,250Vac/30Vdc cosφ=1) or logic outputs (0 to 11Vdc).

A digital input (24Vdc/5mA) is available (for resetting, hold, flash, peak handling or releasing latch) and one output of 0…10V, 0/4 to 20mA (max. 500) is available for retranmitting the measured input signal.

The retransmission output, the digital input and the third output are available contemporaneously.

The serial communication option (available in RS485 standard) allows connection to supervision systems and PLCs with two protocols: GEFRAN CENCAL and MODBUS RTU.

Finally, a triac can be fitted (as an alternative to the output 1) to drive resistive loads up to a maximum of 1A at 240V.

The programming of the instrument is made easy by grouping the parameters in function blocks (CFG for the alarm hysteresis, Inp for the inputs, Out for the outputs…) and by a simplified data entry menu.

The configuration can be simplified even further using the PC programming kit made up of a connection cable and a menu guide program that runs under Windows (see technical data GF_eXpress).

A configurable personal software protection code (password protection) can be used to restrict the levels of editing and displaying the configuration parameters.

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Data Sheets

Data Sheet GF-40T96