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Gefran GRZ-H Three-phase solid-state relays, 10 A to 75A


The GRZ-H series is a three-phase solid-state relay that controls electric heaters and industrial heating processes. The compact designs are ideal for electrical panels with limited space.

  • Wide current range from 10A to 75A per phase
  • Load voltage 480V, 600Vac
  • Zero-crossing voltage switching (ZC)
  • DIN rail and panel fixing
  • Overtemperature protection

Product Overview:

  • Two or three-leg control
  • Zero-crossing voltage switching
  • Input command: DC/AC signals
  • Operating range 0°C-70°C/32°F-158°F (derating curves)
  • Load voltage 480V AC or 600V AC
  • Status monitoring and five diagnostic LEDs
  • Compact sizes to fit in electrical panels.
  • Push-in connectors
  • Cage clamps for power cables
  • Smart fan options (Vdc/Vac)

Electrical heating control

The current range for the GRZ-H series is 10A to 75A, and this controller has an efficient zero-crossing (ZC) mode.

Two or three-leg load control

The GRZ-H series is configured to control two or three legs of a heating circuit. While three-leg breaks are commonly used, the two-leg option generates less heat in the electrical panel.


The GRZ-H series monitors and prevents system failures, and it reduces the risk of costly downtime and material waste. To improve uptime, this controller has a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) over-temperature alarm, it monitors line voltage for failures, it has fuse break protection, and load interruptions are monitored and displayed clearly for users.

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