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Gefran GRS Single-phase solid state relay, up to 120A


For precision control of electrical resistors in industrial heating, the GRS series of Solid State Relays, with current ratings from 15 to 120 Amperes, voltages up to 660Vac, zero crossing switching (ZC), and compact sizes, is the ideal choice.

  • Current ranges from 15A up to 120A
  • Ultra slim dimension
  • DIN rail and panel mounting installation
  • Load voltage 480Vac, 600Vac
  • Zero crossing (ZC) switching mode

Product Overview:

  • Vdc / Vac command signal
  • Command wiring push-in terminal.
  • Power cable box clamp terminal
  • Thermal alarm option with led and digital output status
  • Load break alarm option with led and digital output status
  • Overvoltage protection
  • SCCR 100KA


The GRS series can be controlled by DC and AC logical signals managed through push-in connectors for a faster and easier connection, even without tools. The ON / OFF status of the static device is always displayed by a green LED on the front panel, for an immediate view of its operation.


The GRS series offers diagnostic information with alarm outputs. A thermal alarm triggers if heat exceeds a critical level, indicated by a yellow LED. It cuts power and activates the alarm output. Absence of current (for DC models) is shown by a red LED and activates the alarm. Alarm status is remembered, and it resets when conditions normalize, or the auxiliary power supply is cycled.

Further infomation:

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