Transport temperatures automated with at-base auto download & cloud data – Hanwell Pro – transport

The Hanwell Pro Icespy transport system measures and logs temperatures of loads in trucks or other shipping systems – rail or air. It is part of the Hanwell Pro system and can operate as a system just for transport, or integrated with a Hanwell Pro system monitoring fixed resources at multiple locations. Data is logged at 10 minute intervals and when the truck returns to base – or docks at another base with a compatible receiver, the data will download and be transferred to the cloud server hosting the system software. The data will be available for review at any location [password protected] and if there have been any alarm conditions then these will trigger an email or SMS notification and  display on the computer screen.

  • Temperatures from -30 to 50C – transmitters with internal or external sensors
  • Integrate into the distribution centre Notion Pro system or operate separately
  • Transmitters log 10min for 1 or 4 days  range up to 300m line of sight
  • Back to base, or forward to an integrated remote location to give seamless data to all registered users – automatically
  • Receiver is installed on the LAN and uses one of 3 frequencies A, B, or C – has alarm relay on board
  • Receiver stores data for up to 5 days for 50 transmitters,

Please contact us for advice – this will assure that you get the results you are seeking in the most efficient way.

WHITE PAPERS [download]  –   for the FOOD industry

–   for the HEALTH industry


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