Hanwell IceSpy wireless monitoring system for larger systems

The Hanwell Icespy series is a powerful system for larger, and multi site systems. It has many more types of sensors/transmitter, and many more software functions. The software can be on local, remote or “cloud” server and requires detailed configuration to achieve a highly customised solution.  The transmitters store 5 days of data “buffer” for absolute data security. Both the Lite and Pro series use 434MHz with a range of 300M and excellent “penetration”. The sensors are waterproof for temperature versions and use one AA battery for up to two years life. In large multistory buildings we recommend the Hanwell Pro system which is similar in function to the Hanwell Icespy but has transmitters with up to 3km range.

Hanwell Icespy  is not a self-install system, and software is free for one user, but licensed for  5, 10 or unlimited users. The ARB module is a local alarm annunciator, and it  allows data backfill from sensor/transmitters in case of system failure, plus data upload  [Bluetooth] for a hand held thermometer.

This version offers far more choice in features than Hanwell Lite, and can include multi-site installation, local audible, visible alarm modules, repeaters for extended range, and an autonomous battery backed  SMS alarm module that will transmit directly even if the LAN and local power has failed.

  • Sensors for temperature, RH, CO2, airflow, differential pressure and analog process signals
  • Repeater module for that rare occasion where the transmission distance is very long
  • SMS module for independent, battery powered transmission of alarm messages including power failure.
  • Multi site, multi group and multi user definition
  • Reports sent by email as .pdf programmable for content and frequency

FAR OUTPERFORMS 2.4GHz in range and penetration – virtually infallible communications 

WIRELESS SYSTEMS of this power can be complex – it is better to get help from a professional – contact ECEFast  1 800 811 818

WHITE PAPERS  –  for the FOOD industry

–  for the HEALTH industry

Part No. Description Availability Qty Price
NP-IN-NA002Notion Pro ARB module for local alarm and data interfaceIN STOCK
NP-IN-NR001F1Notion Pro network receiver with battery back up and network connectionON BACKORDER
NP-IN-TH004F1Transmitter battery powered for temperature - dual external sensor [not incl]IN STOCK
NP-IN-TA001Notion Pro SMS module with 3G card - independent messangingIN STOCK

We make every effort to minimise your inconvenience through manufacture, reconfiguration and fast import. Please contact us for an accurate delivery time

Description Qty Price









We make every effort to minimise your inconvenience through manufacture, reconfiguration and fast import. Please contact us for an accurate delivery time

notion-pro-healthcare-brochure.pdf Notion Pro applications in Healthcare 2056 KB Download File
notion-pro-food-brochure.pdf Notion Pro applications on Food preparation and storage 2129 KB Download File
notion-pro-temperature-transmitter-datasheet.pdf Notion Pro temperature transmitters data sheet 1156 KB Download File
notion-pro-network-receiver-datasheet.pdf Notion Pro network receiver datasheet 712 KB Download File
ARB-IMC-Datasheet.pdf Notion Pro ARB module data sheet 794 KB Download File
SMS-IMC-Datasheet.pdf Notion Pro SMS module data sheet 770 KB Download File
notion-pro-software-datasheet.pdf Notion Pro software data sheet 2613 KB Download File
notion-pro-echo-repeater-datasheet.pdf Notion Pro repeater data sheet 654 KB Download File

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