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E+E Humlog 20 Data Logger for Humidity, Temperature, Air Pressure and CO₂


The E+E HUMLOG 20 is an advanced environmental logging system for HVAC. It is wall mount unit for monitoring climatic measurements of humidity, temperature, air pressure and CO2.

The software, SmartGraph 3, is for set up and download and analysis of data with ethernet network capability as standard.

  • Relative humidity range: ..95 %RH
  • Temperature Range (sensor NTC) : -20…50 °C
  • Air pressure range (only Model M8): ..1300 hPa absolute
  • CO2 (only Model M12): ..5000 ppm
  • Accuracy :+/- 0.3C and +/- 2% RH, +/-0.5hPa, 50ppm +/-3% of reading CO2
  • Optional External sensor for RH/T or for temperature.
  • Interface: USB, LAN (Ethernet)
  • Data storage :16 MB, 3200000 measured values

The long battery life and large memory allow for continuous data recording over long periods of time. The configuration of the data logger and the evaluation of the measurement data are simple and straightforward using SmartGraph3 software, which is included in the scope of supply. The built-in Ethernet interface makes the Humlog 20 network capable and ensures maximum reliability in data transmission. For various requirements in the application, the four models M1, M8, M12 and M60 are available. Model M60 offers the highest flexibility with analogue and digital interface for external sensors.

Key Features

  • Continuous data recording over long periods
  • The data loggers can operate in an Ethernet network.
  • Maximum reliability of measurement data transmission
  • Easy evaluation and visualisation of measurement data
  • Local visual and acoustic alarms for fast decisions in the field
  • Modern enclosure with large display

Further Information:

Data Sheets

EE-HUMLOG20 _data Sheet