Autoclave temperature logger – wireless Tecnosoft P & S Radio

Tecnosoft S and P Radio systems are designed for process logging, especially autoclaves and sterilisers. The wireless transmission gives the use access to data in real time as well as recording, so you get a progressive view of time at temperature or calculated LETHALITY of the run. You need a receiver – either PC USB version or ethernet [requires process monitor pro software] for network connection and 4-20mA receiver for centralised DAQ system. Different models have different temperature ranges and a choice of probes designed for the application.

  • System consists of one or more loggers, a receiver, a download interface, and PC software
  • Select probe design for robustness, but suitable for the monitored material
  • Software includes lethality calculation and produces tamper proof printed reports.
  • ECEFast can provide NATA certificates as required
  • Battery last 3.8M transmissions and is user replaceable [requires some skill]
  • Software displays battery status
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s-radio-1.pdf Datasheet S Radio with 3mm probes various lengths 1051 KB Download File
s-radio-100-5-mm-1.pdf Datasheet S Radio with 5mm probe 1047 KB Download File
s-radio-flexible-1.pdf Datasheet S Radio with flexible probe 1052 KB Download File
autoclave-special-antenna-1.pdf Datasheet for special internal autoclave antenna 1045 KB Download File
usb-radio-receiver-1.pdf Datasheet for basic USB wireless receiver / interface 1052 KB Download File