High temperature miniature SS logger ~Tecnosoft S-Micro 140C

 Tecnosoft S-Micro the autoclave logger with the smallest volume ever! 
The S-Micro (140°C) data logger now makes temperature monitoring in sterilization processes even easier, because it is the smallest autoclave logger in the world. The data logger, has numerous applications in the food and pharmaceutical/medical and laboratory industry, where it is possible to monitor the product and not simply the environment in which it is manufactured. It is used, for example, to control meat and ham cooking and directly inside food packages, jars, & cans.
Main Features:
  • High accuracy – with an accuracy of ± 0.1°C these loggers can be employed in any application involving food, pharmaceuticals, validation, laboratory and medical
  • Fast response time thanks to the 3 mm diameter probe
  • Low battery consumption for an extended battery life
  • Very easy to deploy in any type of package.
  • Entirely food grade and waterproof all SS and PEEK
  • Printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance
  • No need to open the loggers  for PC communication
  • F0 and PU (Pasteurisation Units) calculation with customizable parameters
  • Provided with calibration certificate ACCREDIA traceable
  • Battery is user replaceable

S-Micro standard probe length is 20 mm, all other lengths are on demand. The loggers can be used with two different software: SPD software and TS Manager. See the data sheet for more details. TS Manager software is for autoclave validation and is compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part11 regulations. It is an optional software available as a separate part number. The SPD software comes free with the logger. It can program and download the loggers, show a graph and export data to excel. 

No need to drill any lids; No need to modify your product packaging;
Program the logger, place it with your product and start the process!
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smicro.pdf S micro and P micro family of high temperature SS loggers for autoclaves and cooking processes 232 KB Download File
hsdiskinterface.pdf High speed data [disk] interface for the X-Micro family 513 KB Download File
tsmanager.pdf Validation and full feature software for the X-Micro family of data loggers 312 KB Download File

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