Wireless monitoring system – Hanwell Pro – premium solution from Hanwell

Wireless monitoring for almost any situation can be achieved with Hanwell Pro ~ the most powerful wireless monitoring system made by this supplier. Widely used and respected in Pharmaceutical manufacturing, vaccine and biological material storage, in research laboratories, hospitals – for standard and CFR21 Part11 installations. Hanwell Pro has a world reputation for museums, archives, and controlled RH/T storage of all types. The component list and documentation is extensive – visit the Hanwell  Pro website HERE and see for yourself

  • Long range 434MHz battery powered transmitters – 3km line of sight range
  • Multi-story buildings & capable of multi-location management, on one platform with almost unlimited inputs
  • SMS, email and annunciator alarm alerts with operator and event log
  • Freedom to locate server, in LAN, off site or cloud
  • Use LAN web access or have completely independent 3G connection to internet to bypass IT issues
  • Interact with the system on any web access device including smart phones

This system is very powerful in capability and is configured for each installation, to make it easy to use, specifically for your environment. To understand what it can do for you – the easiest way, is contact us on 1 800 811 818 in Australia

There are two white papers which are located in the Manuals tab at the bottom of this page

There are many videos on YouTube – just search on Synergy Software IMC and Hanwell Pro  – check this VIDEO_INTRO

WHITE PAPER –  for HEALTH industry

–  for FOOD industry

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Synergy-Datasheet.pdf Hanwell Synergy data sheet 4704 KB Download File
Hanwell-Healthcare-Brochure-LowRes.pdf Hanwell healthcare brochure - low resolution 2231 KB Download File
Environment-Monitoring-brochure.pdf Hanwell environmental monitoring brochure 2371 KB Download File
Success_Story_Hospital_Pharmacy_monitoring.pdf Successful major project at Sydney public hospital - pharmacy monitoring 1813 KB Download File
5.AutomatedMonitoring_onesizedoes_not_fit_all.pdf White Paper - How automated monitoring systems work and how they are an advancement on any other approach for a future proof solution 367 KB Download File
5.AutomatedMonitoring_onesizedoes_not_fit_all_1.pdf White Paper - How automated systems can be applied from very small installations with just a few points - to a large multi location organisation with thousands of points 367 KB Download File
4.Choosing_a_Suitable_Wireless_System_and_Supplier_160511d.pdf White Paper - What to consider when looking for a system supplier and choosing a system 827 KB Download File

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