Vaccine fridge monitoring system 3G ~ fully automated cloud solution

Automated monitoring of vaccine storage refrigerators is a sound investment due to the “whole of life” labour cost of a manual system and the fallibility of a human operator. Apart from the costs related to lost vaccine, there are the risks to life and health that a misread temperature or ignored alarm may cause. ECEFast has a number of systems – which each suit different installations. In this case the 3G system will work without a PC or computer network being present 24/7. If a mobile phone will work, then this system will work stand alone – of course with its plug pack connected.

  • See continuous results using a web browser in real time
  • Accessible on any browsing device including mobile phone
  • SMS and email alarm system – and red alarm light
  • Sensor installs through door seal
  • Time delay on alarm to account for short time temperature fluctuations
  • Just receive the unit [preconfigured], plug it in, install the sensor – thats all!
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Vaccine_3G.pdf Overview of 3G solution for vaccine fridges - no computer infrastructure required 575 KB Download File