Temperature Match Concrete Curing System – ECEFast Mimic

The ECEFast MIMIC sytem was developed in association with a major concrete manufacturer in Australia. It allows the field monitoring of curing temperatures, with data access using a web browser, AND it allows the control of laboratory water baths to replicate the exact field conditions of curing, in the test laboratory.

The standard communication system from the field is by the GSM network, but other systems can be used if no signal is available at the site. Data is transmitter to a website on GPRS and is presented in a user friendly way with USER/PASSWORD authorisation. [works well on smartphone or tablet] ECEFast manufactures the system complete including the  water bath if required, the RTU hardware and all operational software. Baths can be refrigerated, and /or heated. We can handle any number of temperature points and provide customised manipulation of the data.

  • Concrete field temperatures – unlimited points
  • Low cost sensors using T thermocouple (opt RTD)
  • Data transmission by dial up modem, GSM, or satellite phone
  • Customised data analysis and presentation via the internet
  • Water baths for high (steam cure) or low (ambient) temperatures
  • Hardware and software from one supplier
  • SMS, fax or email alarm systems
  • Quality control records
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