Temperature Acquisition for Rotomoulding Processes – Datapaq RotoPaq RF

The Datapaq RotoPaq system is supplied complete with data logger, RF data transfer devices, and thermal barrier. Thermocouples can be selected to suit the application and custom built by ECEFast. For special applications, alternative thermal barriers are available, depending on the time and temperature, and any size constraints. Benefits include:

  •  Improve the quality of rotational moulded parts by monitoring the phase transitions – no warping, no pinholes, no discoloration, improved properties
  • Optomise product parameters and cycle times  & Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Provide quality control certification for customers or legislation
  • Compensate for changes in environmental conditions
  • Validate new materials and processes


  • Up to 10 type K thermocouple inputs
  • 130000 readings with logger accuracy 0.3C
  • Thermal Barrier 14 hours at average 100C – 3 hours at 300C
  • Typical size 130x190x292mm and 6.2Kg
  • Uses Datapaq – Oven Tracker for Insight PC software
  • RF transmission 433MHz 10mW – Sample rates 0.1sec to 50 min.
  • Battery 340hrs without RF 40 hrs with RF- NiMH rechargeable
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