Kiln Tracker – Datapaq

Datapaq is the acknowledged leader in the field of through-process temperature monitoring systems. Kiln Tracker has set the standard for many years and remains the leader in the ceramic industries. Different barrier designs and alternative loggers give optimal solutions for all applications in the firing of bricks tiles or ceramics, regardless of the kiln type.

Software analysis for – Ideal Firing Curve, superimposed on data – 3D Probe positioning display – Calculations for heating and cooling across the Quartz inversion Point – Variable push rates – multifile viewing – Mimic position display shows position of burners, fans etc with respect to the profile . SPC analysis of historical files for process optimisation

  • Systems for Tunnel Kilns(400C), Batch Processes and Roller Hearth Kilns (1200C)
  • Thermal barriers to suit kiln type and temperature time duration – to 250hrs
  • Alternative loggers 10 & 20 channel – 130000 readings for rare, or base metal thermocouples
  • Loggers max operating temp 110C — read intervals 1 sec to 50 mins
  • RF transmission for real time process analysis and parameter correction
  • Available as complete kit – ready to use
  • Software especially designed for kiln performance analysis
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2008111121503859.pdf Kiln Car mounting frame for TB6000 series barriers 22 KB Download File
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