Indoor environment data loggers – E+E HUMLOG 20

The E+E HUMLOG 20 is an advanced environmental logging system for HVAC. It is wall mount unit for architectural spaces, monitoring temperature and humidity with new versions for barometric pressure or CO2 as a third parameter. It is intended as a stand alone monitor/ logger to replace mechanical thermohygrograph devices. It is more accurate and reliable and will store virtually unlimited data. The software, SmartGraph 3, is for set up and download and analysis of data with ethernet network capability as standard.

  • Stores 3.2million values – 16 Mb
  • Accuracy +/- 0.3C and +/- 2% RH, +/-0.5hPa, 50ppm +/-3% of reading CO2
  • External sensor for RH/T or for temperature only (x2)
  • Displays RH/T, and CO2 or Barometric and relative air pressure – 3 different models
  • Ethernet and USB interface included
  • SmartGraph 3 – PC software – export data, printout, administration for 255 loggers
  • Battery life 12 months – 4 months for TCO – optional POE (power over ethernet)

The units have standard display and includes visual, and acoustic alarm with simple one button operation. USB and ethernet ports are included. Software is available as a free download.

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datasheet_HUMLOG20.pdf Premium Wall Mount RH/T logging and display system 775 KB Download File
Industry_ea.pdf Summary of different logging and hand held systems from Lufft / E+E 4507 KB Download File