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Controller and Indicator Instrument Covers

Instrument Covers

Soft silicon and Rigid polycarbonate Splash proof covers offer additional protection for panel mounted instruments

Instrument covers for panel mount instruments ~ transparent, rigid & flexible

Splash proof covers offer additional protection for panel mounted instruments. In addition to providing an extra barrier for water impingement, they also give mechanical protection. They can provide a barrier, to discourage the temptation to “play” with instrument settings.

The hinged covers with gasket, clip closed, and deliver IP65 protection when secured by a locking screw.

Soft silicon covers fit over the instrument bezel before the securing clamps are tightened, and the rigid dust covers clip into place [check for suitability]

  • Rated up to IP65 depending on the version
  • Good “height” clearance for instruments that stand proud of the panel
  • DIN 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 sizes available
  • Rigid polycarbonate – hinged or pressed on
  • Soft silicon covers for some sizes

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