Fluke Calibration 6109A & 7109A portable calibration baths

Fluke 6109A and 7109A temperature calibration baths give increases in productivity though a larger work area and higher accuracy when compared with micro baths or dry block calibrators. These all SS portable baths can be lited and moved with ergonomic handles and grips – including one hand lifting – with a weight up to 20Kg for 7109 [cooled] model. With temperatures from -25C to 250C and system accuracy better than 0.1C they offer a fast and easy to use solution for on site calibration of any type of sensor with almost any shape or size.  The 75 x 75mm work area suits sanitary flanged probes, and a universal sensor support bracket makes it easy to cope with many configurations of measurement.

  • 6109A range 35 to 250C & 7109A range -25 to 140C
  • 382x242x400mm ~ 6109A 16Kg and 7109A 20Kg
  • Process option (P) adds universal input for T/C and RTD + 0-22mA with 24VDC supply
  • Stability, Uniformity and repeatability 0.01~0.04C (see data sheet)
  • Many options to make life easy such as transportable case, overflow tank and tank cover

Fluke Calibration (previously HART Scientific) manufacture a range of calibration baths in standard and custom configurations – contact us if you have special needs




6109a-7109a-prtble-cal-bath-broch-s Fluke portable calibration bath 6109A brochure 5036 KB Download File
6109A___omeng0000 Fluke portable calibration bath 6109A operating instructions 4095 KB Download File

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