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PR Electronics Pulse isolator / switch amplifier

  • Input: NAMUR, NPN open collector, contact
  • Output: 2 x relay or NPN transistor output
  • 5 kVAC 4-port galvanic isolation
  • Line Fault Detection (LFD) / cable break detection
  • Power supply 16.8 VDC…31.2 VDC

Product Overview:

Functional highlights

  • Interfaces a NAMUR sensor to typical control system input cards.
  • High 4-port isolation provides surge suppression that protects the control system from transients and noise and eliminates ground loops.
  • Provides simple splitter function: 1 in – 2 out.
  • Monitor signal source for cable short-circuit or cable break with alarm function on secondary output, power rail and LED status.
  • The device can be mounted in Safe area or in Zone 2 / Division 2 areas.
  • All terminals are over-voltage protected, polarity protected and short-circuit protected.

Technical highlights

  • Output options: NPN transistor or mechanical relay.
  • Response time: Relay < 20 ms / NPN < 0.1 ms.
  • Collective DIN-rail alarm.
  • Line Fault Detection (LFD) / cable break detection.
  • Wide ambient temperature range -25...70°C.
  • NAMUR NE21, NE44.
  • Conforms to IEC 60947 standard - switch amplifiers for NAMUR sensors.


  • Easy configuration via DIP-switches.


  • Units can be mounted side by side, horizontally and vertically, without air gap on a standard DIN rail, even at 70°C ambient temperature.
  • Units can be supplied separately or installed on PR 9400 power rail.
  • The narrow 6.1 mm housing allows up to 163 units per meter.

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