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PR Electronics Power control unit


Distributes supply voltage to the power rail
Optional connection of backup supply
Approved for installation in I.S. / Ex zone 2 / Div. 2
Optional redundant supply for the power rail
Must be installed on power rail, PR type 9400

Application and advanced features

  • The power control unit detects errors from any of the devices mounted on the power rail and transmits a collective alarm to the control system via the internal status relay.
  • Optional connection of two power supplies - a primary supply and a backup supply.
  • Redundant supply for the power rail can be obtained by mounting two 9410 devices connected to 2 separate power supplies (e.g. PR no. 9421).

Technical characteristics

  • The status relay will be energised when the following three conditions are met:
    1. Supply voltage is present on pins 31 and 32.
    2. Backup supply voltage is present on pins 34 and 33. (If the backup supply is not in use, a jumper must be placed between pins 32 and 33 - the jumper is delivered with the device).
    3. There are no error messages from the devices connected to the power rail.
  • When a collective alarm is activated via the power rail, the status relay in the 9410 will be de-energized (pins 11, 12 and 13).
  • Two green front LEDs indicate connection of supply and backup.
  • A red LED indicates error status.

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