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Paint Testing Ovens ECEFast Chemelec ROF air circulation oven 500C

The Chemelec Brand name has been produced continuously for more than 80 years and many ovens have been in use for more than 40 years. Chemelec specialises in Paint Test ovens and supplies all of the major paint companies. Versions are available for standard or high volatile applications – explosion proof. Samples are loaded and unloaded through a small door – and this assures the temperatures remain stable during sample handling. Temperature distribution is very even throughout the workspace All Chemelec ovens are designed for low operating costs and long life with heavy gauge welded materials and minimal maintenance requirements

  • Accurate temperatures to 500C
  • Uniformity +/-2.5C at 500C
  • Small oven cavity 405x405x405mm = 66lt
  • 6KW elements  – 720W fan
  • Built to last – and with low maintenance
  • Complies with AS1681-1974 – Electric heating ovens in which flammable volatiles occur
  • Blow out panel installed in rear [standard position] with safety cage
  • Exhaust vent with control butterfly valve

If the standard design does not meet your needs we can make custom modifications.

Chemelec Custom made furnaces – Split tube furnace – 3 zone tube furnace

ECEFast continues our 80 years tradition of building specialty furnaces according to client designs. In this time we have evolved special construction methods that allow us to achieve efficient designs with excellent control and uniformity of temperature. Our design capability means we can develop products to meet performance targets as well as fit in the required form factor – and we can include any level of control and data analysis capacity.

  • Muffle furnaces with wire wound or SiC elements
  • Tube furnaces of any size with any number of zones – including miniature and split types
  • Top opening furnaces – cylindrical or chest type
  • Repair, Rebuild or respecify existing furnaces
  • Control Panels and control systems
  • SSR, and Thyristor power control devices for MoS2, SiC, Molybdenum, Infra red and other exotic elements

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