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New partnership with DIAS Infrared
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ECEFast is delighted to announce our new partnership with DIAS Infrared – a world-leading specialist in non-contact temperature measurement.

At ECEFast, we partner only with the most reputable brands with the highest quality products, to create the best solutions for our clients. We researched the worldwide market and selected DIAS as the best fit for Australian businesses needing reliable and accurate non-contact temperature measurement.

We are the first and the only supplier to bring the innovative DIAS range of infrared transmitters to the Australian market.

As experts in IR technology ourselves, with over 30 years of experience, including being the first to bring hand held IR to Australia, we know a thing or two about IR temperature monitoring – which is why we’re confident that our partnership with DIAS will be welcomed by temperature-critical businesses in Australia. DIAS offer a wide range of sensors, with specialist sensors designed specifically for different applications. The DIAS range will fit existing mounting positions and threads, meaning no mechanical changes, and a simple and hassle free changeover process.

Supply, servicing and calibration is all provided by ECEFast, so you get the dual benefits of DIAS’ German product design and manufacture combined with ECEFast’s trusted local engineering support and expert calibration services.

To learn more about the DIAS range, give us a call to arrange a demo.