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The Importance of NATA Calibration in Temperature Monitoring Systems
Q & A | Technical

ECEFast is an innovative temperature measurement specialist providing solutions from manufacturing through to installing, maintaining and providing NATA calibration for temperature monitoring systems in the food and healthcare industries.

We are the only temperature sensor manufacturer in Australia with an in-house NATA accredited laboratory and calibration testing facility. This gives us exclusive capacity to manufacture temperature sensors from bulk certified thermocouple wires and provide calibration certificates on these as well as externally manufactured products we endorse.

At ECEFast we not only provide tailored solutions for wireless temperature monitoring systems to suit your organisation’s specific needs, we are also able to extend our ongoing support and maintenance to include our NATA accredited calibration service.


Why is NATA calibration important?

Having quality environmental monitoring in place, within critical equipment and storage areas must be a priority for hospitals and healthcare providers. Everything from vaccines and tissue samples to blood and blood products need to be kept at specific temperature to ensure the health and safety of all patients. With strict tolerances on pass / fail decisions, the accuracy of temperature data is essential. Only NATA certified temperature systems provide the precision to give confidence in decision making.


What is the process for calibration?

FastLab is our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity. We have a range of calibration devices & reference standards enabling us to certify sensors and temperature devices in the range -196 to 1300°C

We also provide on-site calibration for:

  • Drug and vaccine refrigerators.
  • Clinical Trials refrigerators and freezers
  • Ambient storage areas for Clinical Trials drugs
  • Ultra-Low Temperature freezers (-80C)
  • Liquid nitrogen dewars and cryogenic storage tanks.
  • Spatial variation certification for enclosed spaces (rooms, cool rooms, blood fridges/freezers).
  • Blood refrigerators and freezers (per AS3864)


What do we deliver to you?



We are specialists in temperature and humidity and have extensive experience in providing calibration services at the highest levels of accreditation.



All our systems whether manufactured in house or selected from external suppliers are carefully considered and vetted to ensure they meet our high standards.  Calibrations at ECEFast are accredited by NATA to ISO/ IEC 17025. NATA calibration also gives measurements unbroken traceability to the Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI).



Whether you need help to set up your monitoring systems, require technical advice, have calibration enquiries or are looking to buy new equipment- we can assist. All our products and services are managed in house from our various locations throughout Australia. This allows us to save you time and reduce your costs when selecting the services and products you need.



Having your instruments certified through our NATA accredited calibration service gives you certainty in knowing the true accuracy of your instrumentation. This means you will have increased confidence your readings are correct, and will certainly meet your own needs under ISO 9001.




Calibration and certification by a NATA accredited facility provides the highest level of assurance needed for regulatory compliance, for Clinical Trials records and highest levels of confidence in measurement information for decision making and reporting.


Engaging ECEFast to design, install and maintain your environmental monitoring system gives you piece of mind, confidence and assurance in your system. With our added NATA accredited calibration service, always be safe in the knowledge that your measurements are accurate and reliable.

We are the largest and most experienced provider of wireless environmental monitoring systems in Australia.


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