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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calibrate my equipment?

Different equipment operates in varied environments or for varied applications, each with unique measurement ranges. To calibrate your equipment accurately, complete our Calibration Request Form on the ECEFast Calibration page [link].  Our form is designed with specific questions to assist our technicians in understanding your requirements and providing an accurate quote. Start the process by filling in the form to ensure appropriate calibration tailored to your equipment and environment.

Why is Ecefast NATA accredited calibration superior?

ECEFast’s NATA accredited calibration excels in quality and accuracy. Our ISO 17025 certificate reflects adherence to rigorous standards. Our commitment to unbroken traceability to NMI and/or NIST ensures international alignment. Skilled professionals and advanced facilities contribute to reliable results. Choosing ECEFast means opting for accuracy, quality, and adherence to industry standards.

How do I decide whether to choose onsite or in-house calibration?

Choosing between onsite and in-house calibration depends on equipment type, criticality, and operational needs. Our NATA-accredited laboratory in Notting Hill offers accurate in-house calibration for instruments that can be temporarily removed. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, we specialize in temperature, humidity, and now pressure calibration, ensuring ISO 17025 compliance. However, for equipment like autoclaves or environment chambers where it is too big to move or minimal downtime is crucial, our nationwide onsite calibration services by NATA-accredited technicians provide a convenient solution. This option allows real-time testing in the operational environment, minimizing disruptions to processes. Contact us at 1800 811 818 or email us at or   for tailored guidance based on your calibration needs.

Why do I need to calibrate my equipment?

Calibrating your equipment is vital for accurate measurements in diverse applications. It involves comparing your equipment’s measurements to a known reference standard to identify and/or correct any deviations. For processes reliant on temperature and humidity, a basic laboratory calibration might not be enough. In such cases, obtaining an ISO 17025 calibration certificate from an accredited laboratory like ECEFast is crucial. This NATA endorsed certificate, recognized by industries and regulatory bodies, ensures unbroken traceability to NMI and/or NIST, demonstrating your equipment’s accuracy and reliability. Regular calibration not only ensures compliance but also enhances confidence in measurement accuracy, maintaining data integrity and process quality. For more information read or blog on demystifying calibration. []

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