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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a must in applications where temperature is critical – for items stored in a fridge or freezer, or products that are subject to a cooking or heat treatment process.

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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Our automated environmental monitoring systems:

• Measure and record the internal temperature of a controlled environment.

• Measure and record the core temperature of products as they are stored or processed.

We provide wireless and hardwired automated temperature monitoring systems, with alarm notifications to alert staff when the temperature of the storage unit (or process) deviates from a desired temperature range.

Introducing TrackView Pro:
The Ultimate Wireless Monitoring Solution

The TrackView Pro Access Point is essential for connecting TrackView Pro Wireless RF Transmitters to the EMSuite software, offering secure, reliable data collection via proprietary HTTPS encryption. It supports up to 32 transmitters, with scalability for any size installation, from single buildings to global networks. Ethernet connectivity and optional Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) facilitate data transmission and power supply. The Access Point features a colour HMI display for monitoring system status, including alarms, battery, and signal strength, and includes two relays for external alarm devices, enhancing environmental monitoring security and efficiency.

Hanwell IceSpy – Your Ultimate Monitoring Solution

Hanwell IceSpy delivers top-tier, flexible wireless monitoring with advanced technology for unmatched accuracy and reliability, ideal for healthcare and food sectors. Hanwell EMS enhances this with a powerful, user-friendly platform for secure data analysis, alerting, and management, supporting customisable sensor grouping and multi-site monitoring. It offers easy access control, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive historical data analysis, complete with versatile alarm notifications, ensuring efficient environmental monitoring across various applications.

Effortless Temperature Monitoring with Plug-and-Play Technology

Notion Lite offers an efficient wireless solution for continuous temperature monitoring, ideal for food and healthcare sectors like butchers, vets, GP practices, pharmacies, and restaurants. This easy-to-use, plug-and-play system ensures precise temperature control of refrigeration units, safeguarding against fluctuations and failures. It provides real-time data and audit-compliant reports accessible from anywhere, enhancing product quality and compliance with regulations like HACCP, reducing waste and manual errors, and saving time on checks, thereby easing audit processes.

Our Environmental Monitoring Solutions Include:

Wide Industry Application – Monitors fridges, freezers, chambers, incubators, labs, blood banks, manufacturing, furnaces, boilers, research facilities, heritage sites, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Advanced Data Analysis – Utilizes advanced capabilities in data analysis and reporting for mapping and verifying extensive ranges of temperature, humidity, pressure, light (LUX), UV, air flow, transport, damp, leak, wood, utilities, and more.

Temperature Integrity – Ensures the integrity of temperature-sensitive items across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and research.

Compliance Assurance – Provides comprehensive monitoring to maintain compliance standards in regulated environments. (Including agencies such as the TGA)

NATA World Recognised Accreditation

Ensuring accurate measurements is essential for your applications, and it all starts with properly calibrating your measuring equipment. However, for temperature and humidity-dependent processes, a basic laboratory calibration may not suffice. In such cases, you need to obtain an ISO 17025 calibration certificate from an accredited laboratory like ECEFast, recognized by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

This certificate is crucial in demonstrating that your measuring devices have unbroken traceability to the National Measurement Institute (NMI) and/or the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring their accuracy and reliability.

Meet Our Monitoring Experts

ECEFast’s team of thermal validation experts are here to help. They ensure precision and reliability in temperature instrumentation by providing high quality customer service, specialist advice and solutions customised to your needs.

Brendan Dineen

General Manager Monitoring and Validation

Ash Vaez

Business Development Manager, Validation & Monitoring Solutions VIC, SA, WA, TAS

Colin Davidson

Business Development Manager QLD

Arvind Rao

Business Development Manager, NSW, ACT

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of ECEFast's automated environmental monitoring systems?

ECEFast’s automated environmental monitoring systems excel in measuring internal and external temperatures, humidity & pressure, ensuring early failure detection, regulatory compliance, product protection, and process efficiency. Offering both wireless and hardwired solutions with alarm notifications, these systems provide a comprehensive toolset for maintaining quality control and optimizing operations.

What can my EMS system monitor?

Your Environmental Monitoring Solution system can monitor a broad section of applications such as fridges, freezers, chambers, incubators, labs, blood banks, manufacturing, furnaces, boilers, research facilities, heritage sites, warehouse and storage facilities. The EMS systems have advanced capabilities through data analysis and reporting, which can be used to map and verify extensive ranges of temperature, humidity, pressure, light, (LUX), UV, air flow, transport, damp, leak, wood, utilities and much more.

What features does the software provide?

The software provides flexible solutions for easy system adjustments, supporting team management, allowing hardware flexibility, and aiding organizational growth across multiple sites with reliable calibration, validation, and maintenance services.

Are these systems able to meet TGA requirements?

Yes, ECEFast’s systems meet TGA requirements, providing customizable reports for easy compliance, quick data retrieval, and a secure audit trail. An optional TGA compliance upgrade ensures adherence, with GAMP 5 Standard validation documents for thorough system documentation and ongoing support tailored to your needs.

Can ECEFast offer ongoing Service and Support?

Yes, ECEFast offers comprehensive ongoing service and support. From providing a wide range of products to delivering full solutions, installation, and calibration, including onsite and in-house services, we are equipped to meet your diverse needs. With an onsite NATA accredited lab and experienced technicians, we ensure continuous support for your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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