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Marlin Mini 2-Pole Stripanels


Marlin Miniature Stripanels are molded panels designed to mount MA-1210 miniature Jacks. Connectors are installed from the rear and snap in place with spring clips. They are easily removed by releasing spring clip with a release key. No loose connector mounting hardware. Circuit identification is distinct as each circuit is numbered, lettered and color coded to ANSI standards. Self-contained hardware provides front mounting in panels to 1/4″ thick. Stripanel is molded of color-coded thermoset compound that withstands ambient temperatures to 205°C continuous and 260°C intermittent.

Product Overview:

  • Stripanels are available in 2 to 8 circuits.
  • Color coded for thermocouple type.
  • Stripanels can be wired and installed completely from front.
  • Thermocouple type and circuit numbers are marked on face of Stripanel.
  • Stripanels are numbered starting from “1” unless specified otherwise.
  • Stripanels are molded from glass filled thermoset compounds (will not melt) for high strength and dependability.
  • The color-coded panels will withstand ambient temperatures to 205°C continuous and 260°C intermittent.
  • High-temperature panels MA-1337 (all Hi-Temp panels are color coded red will withstand ambient temperatures to 425°C continuous and 540°C intermittent)

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