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Marlin 2-pole thermocouple connectors, Male & Female – large size

MA-1010, MA-1060

Marlin full size 2-pole connectors plugs and jacks are made to exacting specifications to provide rapid, dependable connections between thermocouples and extension wires. Connector bodies molded of glass filled with thermoset compounds (will not melt) for high strength and dependability. The color-coded connectors will withstand ambient temperatures to 205°C continuous and 260°C intermittent.
Thermocouple Types: K,J,T,N,R,CU


  • Alloys of poles and inserts match ANSI calibrations to maintain sensing accuracy.
  • Alloy and polarity are identified by symbols molded into the body.
  • Dependable screw connection to extension wires.
  • Strong thermoset bodies
  • Jab-in connectors for fast connection of wires without disassembly
  • Hi-Temp Mini connectors are colored red and can be used to 425°C continuous and 540°C intermittent.
  • Matching hardware such as cable clamps listed separately.

Data Sheets

MA-1010, MA-1060_Data_Sheet