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Lutron 100KG Force Gauge, SD Logging


Lutron FG6100SD is used for multiple testing purposes where they measure force units, but also in other “penetration tests” using shaped probes for measuring consistency – such as fruit ripeness. plus, the new simple SD card logging. Allows logging by settable time base from 1 second to 8 hours per reading or manually with button press to 99 sets of data.

  • Measure Capacity: Range up to 100 kg
  • Function: Tension & Compression (Push & Pull), Normal force, Peak hold (Max. load)
  • Resolution: 0.02 Kg/0.02 lb/0.2 Newton
  • Accuracy: ± (0.5 % + 0.1 Kg), within 23± 5.
  • Overload capacity: Max. 150 kg
  • Data record mode: Normal model or Peak hold mode
  • Professional test stand (optional).
  • USB, Data Logging onto SD card (* .XLS format)

Product Overview:


  • Function: Tension & Compression (Push & Pull). Normal force, Peak hold (Max. load).
  • Memory capacity of normal record mode: 1 GB to 16 GB.
  • Memory capacity of peak hold record mode: 1000 data no. (max.)
  • Display units: Kg, lb, Newton.
  • Display: 0.15 Kg/0.35 lb/1.4 Newton
  • Data record mode: Auto data logger sampling time 1Sec to 9 hours, Manual Data logger sampling time 1 to 99 position
  • Sensor type :S type load cell.
  • Power Supply: AA DC 1.5 V battery 6 PCs, ADC 9V adapter (optional)

Accessories Included:

Operating manual, 100 Kg sensor with 2 hooks and 2meters cable, Carrying case.

Optional Accessories:

  • SD memory card (2 GB)
  • Test stand, Model: FS-1001
  • USB cable, Model: USB-01
  • Software for data logging & data recorder. Model: SW-U801-WIN.

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