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Water and Waste Management

Measure water levels to 0.05mm... bore water levels to 200m depth... fluid flow in a 4m diameter pipe... precise levels in raw sewerage. Isolate sensors to 2250V, IECEX certified solutions, power your transmitter, rescale your signal with PR Electronics

Water and Waste Management

It's all possible with ECEFast's comprehensive range of Gems, PR Electronics, Gefran and Eurotherm -performance sensors, probes and industrial instrumentation. For the last 20 years we have manufactured the Platypus hydrostatic level transmitters, and custom float level switches and transmitters in our Melbourne factory, and we understand the water industry :-

  • Widest range of low-cost, universal, programmable DIN isolators
  • Dam and stream immersible digital pressure and level sensors to 0.05% accuracy
  • Gems pressure and flow switches
  • Ultrasonic Transit Time flow meters for 15mm to 6M pipe sizes -no structural changes to install
  • Non-contact level sensing for non-metal tanks to 16mm wall
  • 3G based data acquisition and alarms for any measurement
  • Low-cost pressure sensors with IP67 connectors to -1 to 600 bar
  • Wellbar averaging Pitot flow sensors from 200mm to 6000mm in pipe size
  • IECEX approved barriers for hazardous signals and measurements

We offer our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for certifying temperature and humidity systems and instrument repair workshop and engineering services from our Technical Centre. These services can be on site if the equipment is not portable.

ECEFast Reliability: In business for 80 years – more than 15,000 new technology products from leading suppliers worldwide, PLUS unique custom design products designed and manufactured by ECEFast to your specifications.

ECEFast Confidence: approaching all projects with our high business ethics, and using solutions selected by experienced and qualified staff, ECEFast will work with you until the product or system does the task that was specified.