Mining Industry

ECEFast can supply groundwater bore level probes only 19mm diameter and immersible to 200M, from stock. We are a recognised supplier of Blast Hole temperature systems, and the main supplier of non-contact protection for lubrication failure of large gear sets.

Temperature sensors, temperature probes, thermal imaging, vibration monitoring, data systems, software and other technology designed for harsh and remote mining environments. ECEFast provides complete turn-key solutions, including sensors, interface, software, data logging, and SMS alarms from remote locations.

Talk to us about a complete solution for the following systems

  • Wireless temperature systems for coal heap – prevent spontaneous combustion
  • Drill hole temperature – safety for loading explosives
  • Low-cost web hosted data system for remote 3G monitoring- of anything.
  • Bore hole ground water monitoring sensors and wireless data collection.
  • Thermal imaging cameras from Fluke.
  • Vibration monitoring low cost, and high end smart Fluke systems
  • RPM measurement, bearing monitors, IECEX temperature and pressure transmitters
  • Crusher drive gear lubrication failure alarm systems
  • IECEX interface system with programmable modules – clip on power rail system

We offer our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for certifying temperature and humidity systems and instrument repair workshop and engineering services from our Technical Centre. These services can be on site if the equipment is not portable.

ECEFast Reliability: In business for 80 years – more than 15,000 new technology products from leading suppliers worldwide, PLUS unique custom design products designed and manufactured by ECEFast to your specifications.

ECEFast Confidence: approaching all projects with our high business ethics, and using solutions selected by experienced and qualified staff, ECEFast will work with you until the product or system does the task that was specified.