With long experience in high temperature measurement, and exotic ceramic materials, ECEFast is well placed to offer innovative temperature measurement solutions in metal production and processing. Eurotherm adds to our capability with some high end control systems for heat treatment and carburising furnaces. Raytek has single point non-contact measurements plus line scanners and thermal imaging for process temperatures and equipment protection. Finally our extensive range of general instrumentation makes us a logical point of contact for diverse projects including calibration and test instruments.

New technologies include Spectro Pyrometry – where temperatures from 500 to 100,000°C can be measured regardless of the target emissivity, whether it’s solid or liquid.

You may use some of the following product groups:

  • Raytek infrared thermometers include single point, two colour [ratio] thermometers, line scanners and thermal imaging cameras
  • Paperless recorders, HMIs, Digital I/O modules – wireless systems
  • Controllers, indicators and DIN rail isolators and transmitters
  • Thermocouples, wire, multi-pair cable and connectors
  • Vibration Meters, Power Analysers and high power switching
  • Data acquisition for unmanned processes with SMS alarming – data available on the web with any SMART device including iPhone
  • Hand held instruments and calibrators and data loggers for most parameters

We offer our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for certifying temperature and humidity systems and instrument repair workshop and engineering services from our Technical Centre. These services can be on site if the equipment is not portable.

ECEFast Reliability: In business for 80 years – more than 15,000 new technology products from leading suppliers worldwide, PLUS unique custom design products designed and manufactured by ECEFast to your specifications.

ECEFast Confidence: approaching all projects with our high business ethics, and using solutions selected by experienced and qualified staff, ECEFast will work with you until the product or system does the task that was specified.